My testimonial to my clients...

"It's a great honor to be commissioned to paint your loved family members that just happen to have 4 legs, a tail, scales, or feathers. I'm inspired and lifted up by your stories of their strengths, zany personalities, and how they've overcome their own hardships as well as helped you with your own at times. Our pets revitalize us and remind us to appreactite the moment. Each creature has it's own special journey and adventurous life like us, but without you to tell their story it would be lost".

"By asking me to paint their portrait I have the honor of helping to preserve their sweet animal soul and legacy in 2D, which can be cherished for a lifetime. A portrait painting is timeless, and when viewed holds a trigger that dusts off old and special memories we have with the subject. The strong bond and compassionate relationships you have with your pets is incredibly inspiring to me, and makes this particular path of creativity enriching and completely rewarding. With each painting I create for you I am fortunate enough to have a glimpse in to the personal and beautiful relationship you have with your animal(s) and I am grateful for each opportunity. Thank you"

Angella W. King


Testimonials from clients....

"I came home last night to the most thoughtful, generous, heartwarming gift of comfort from my friend Angella. I don't actually have the words right now to share what this means to me. She captured everything so beautifully but nothing more so than his eyes, which have always expressed so much. I will treasure this always! It means the world to us."

- S. Poppins


"The thought, attention and detail she put into this painting (on wood!) is just... WOW. If you’d like to commemorate your best friend (furry or feathered), I cannot recommend Angella enough!"

- Carmen Cruz


"Angella made an amazing pair of portraits of our cats, from when they were kittens. It was a pleasure every step of the way, and we are very happy with how they turned out. She asked questions about the cats personalities to try to capture that in her painting, and it really did come through, we can feel the personality in the paintings! I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for a pet portrait that you'll treasure forever!"

- D. Coleman


"Our beloved pug Winston died this summer at the age of 14. He was wise, loving and gentle dog, who had seen our family through thick and thin. This Christmas, I asked Angela to paint a portrait of Winston as a gift for my wife. Angela created a stunning portrait and on Christmas morning it brought tears to everyone's eyes. She had perfectly captured his dear old soul - there he was on canvass, looking at us as he always had. It is a wonderful memorial to our "first son" and we are so grateful to Angela for taking on the project, and executing it with such skill and compassion."

- N. Chantler


"I lost my princess one year ago and have experienced deep depression from her loss. The portrait that I received for Christmas brought her back into my life. She is with me again, on the wall of my bedroom, and is the first thing I look at when I wake up in the morning. I'm not so lonely now, just because someone portrayed my little girl so realistically that she seems to be with me again."

- W. Woods


"Angela did a wonderful job painting my best friend, Racket. Racket is almost 18 years old and it is so nice to have a wonderful piece of art in her image. I know that she won't be with me forever but in a way because of the painting she will be. Thank you so much Angela for doing such a great job!"

- J. Staples


"Sometimes unexpectedly we receive a gift that touches us to our core. This Christmas, someone very special to me gave me the gift of a Portrait of Dutchess. Dutchess is my fur baby who has been in my life for almost 21 years. Like most pet people can relate to, we all have a unique connection to them that others may not see the way we do. For me it is her eyes; they have always held this look of kindness. When I opened the gift it literally brought me to tears (happy tears LOL) . . . . no matter how much longer I have her in my life, I will always be able to look up at her painting on my wall and fall in love with her over again. Thank you Angella from the bottom of my heart for capturing Dutchess with such compassion for my relationship with her"

- J. Vincent