Pet portrait specifications

Sizes: From as small as 6"x6" to as large as 20" x 20". Square or rectangle. Canvas or Wood.

I work closely from a digital photograph, so a good resolution photo with a nice shot of the face, and good lighting is best. If you want to create something even larger let's talk!


Paintings start at $2.50 per square inch (excluding tax) for one pet with a simple 2 color background. Inquire for prices for more than 1 pet and/ or a detailed background. I can give you an accurate quote once I know the details.

A 20% deposit is required once we agree to start, and I have your photo(s). I will show you progress shots as I work too so that you can make sure I'm headed in the right direction. The other 80% is due at pickup or just before shipping. Shipping and provincial tax is extra.

I accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and E-transfers. Cash is only possible for Local Pickup in Vancouver.

Examples of pricing for one pet and simple background:

6"X6" inch = $90 CAD / 8"x10" = $200 CAD /10"x10" = $250 / 11"x14" =$385 / 20"x20"= $999 CAD plus tax


-  I paint with Acrylic paints on cotton canvas or birch wood panel. If you have another surface you'd like me to paint on then let's see what we can do.

- Comes varnished and UV protected, mounted, and ready to hang as is.

Time and turnaround:

I can give you a time estimate once we've determined the size of your painting, the complexity, and once I have your photo.

Painting pets is usually done at night for 3-4 hours at a time. As an example an 8"x10" painting with one subject and 2 color background will usually take me 8-10 hours from start to finish to complete. If your painting is time sensitive for say a birthday gift or Christmas gift than please allow a minimum of 3 weeks before making a request, just in case. I want to make sure it's stress-free for you and you have plenty of time to wrap it up!


- Shipping is available in Canada or the USA, and if you live in Vancouver or the Ti-cities, then local pickup is possible. We live in East Vancouver.

Canada Post is my preferred shipping method, and prices range depending on if you want regular post with $100 of insurance, extra insurance and/or a signature, Xpresspost, or Priority. Expedited Shipping to the USA is available with or without signature required. I will give you a shipping estimate once your painting is complete. UPS is also possible for US customers.

- Paintings are packed in double bubble wrap with corners secured, and are shipped in a cardboard box.

Details that are very helpful:

- I try to capture the essence and spirit of your furry, feathered or scaly friend so by answering some questions you help me get as close as possible to this goal.

What's their name?

What is their age when photo was taken. Are they with us, or deceased?

What is their personality like?

What distinctive physical features do they have?

Do you want me to add or take out anything from the painting...a collar out. or add more sparkle to the eyes?

Do you have a story to go with your pet?

Thanks for choosing me to paint your lovely animal friends!

Angella King


2017 and 2018 Pet Portrait Commissions

1. 'Winston' Pug

2. 'Dutchess' Orange Tabby

3. 'Augie' Parrot

4. 'Riley' Doberman

5. 'Racket' Jack Russell

6. 'Maslow' Little white dog over the rainbow bridge

7. 'Gibson'  Black and white senior cat

8. 'Max' - kitten brother to Mia

9. 'Mia' - kitten brother to Max