My Method

Surrender completely to curiosity and experimentation. Allow your wild child on to the dance floor which is also your canvas. Dance around it while you create from each side and corner. See it from every angle and perspective. Go with the first idea you have, don’t edit, and then let the next idea interrupt the first, and go with it, and still don’t edit, and let your intuition guide your palette knife or brush or tool of your choosing, going from idea to idea. Act as if they are all brilliant ideas and need to be expressed. This is the euphoric zone. It’s the aha tango moment. The first kiss and the last kiss. The exhilaration of a roller coaster. Its the beauty of the waves and the mountains and the sunset all in one emotion. Pure bliss. The beauty of creating with as much freedom as possible, and the closest I will ever get to knowing my spirit.

You can always go back later with your red pen, but don’t bring the editing brain to your party. Let go and let it all happen. Surrender completely to your work.

- Angella Wisayn King