Pegasus! Back from the 1980s?

If you were lucky enough to be growing up in the 1980s then you probably remember the unicorn and Pegasus craze right? There was an abundance of merchandise available with Mystical horse like beasts for tweens, much of which contained feathers, sparkly jeweled eyes, tassels, florescent paint, and beads. I remember doodling many Pegasi (Haha, because I science like that) and Unicorn on binders and jackets. I enjoyed that "year" of 80's Mythical trendy indulgence with my teeny bopper friends, but once it was over I honestly thought I would never dream of, draw, or wear another Pegasus as long as I lived. Not true.

Recently, at my night class in Mixed Media at Emily Carr University, we were all asked to pick a mythical creature from a hat. I got Pegasus! We were to create a painting based on what creature we picked, and I have to admit I was a little excited to revisit the 80's shiny artwork circling on Google, and to make a painting that reflected this glitz and kitsch that I loved as young girl. After searching and almost overdosing on hundreds of 1980's Pegusi artworks, I changed over to reading up on the various meanings of Pegasus as both a symbol from the Bible, and more famously as Zeus' loyal stead in Greek Mythology that heroically rode to Mount Olympus solo. This was far morein depth and intriguing and less of a temporary sugar high, and then I realized that I had (sadly) grown up a little. So the 1980's sparkly version of Pegasus was slipping away and the idea of creating a piece based on Mythology took precedence.

There are 3 pieces in the Pegasus series, and I think I will explore more creatures through mixed media and acrylics to flush out a nice 20 part painting set. Imagine Medusa (Pegasus' Mother) in paint? Or a Centuar?

Here is how the first painting started out. The base layer.

How to: Gel transfers will be added and more layers will come later, plus I will most likely take our most of the font and rub back to reveal only a little of it, to create less of an eye-draw here. I gelled in material underneath the paint right to the canvas to add a netted and lace texture appearance. I rubbed on gold metallic lattice to the stars, and cut out film negatives for the outlines of the stars. I used rubbing alcohol to get some of the spotty effects on the surface. I really love this technique for layering colors and also to get away from a brush stroke look.


2017 *All artwork is copyright of Angella King*

2017 *All artwork is copyright of Angella King*

After the second class and quite a few hours in my studio at 1000 Parker St, I'm about 90% finished with the 3 Pegasus pieces.

All 3 are 20" in height and range from 6", 12" to 16" wide. Mixed media and acrylic on canvas.


2017  *All artwork is copyright of Angella King*

2017 *All artwork is copyright of Angella King*