The paths we choose as humans, and the trajectories of all creatures.

The often repetitive and sometimes sporadic paths that a living body transcribes in it's surroundings are invisible trajectories in space. This body can be human, creature, planet or comet, or any governed object given the purpose to move, like an airplane going from city to city, or a child bouncing a ball repetitively. The day to day as well as overall lifetime paths that the living choose to take are alluring to me, and I am beginning a mixed media painting project to embody my interests here, by adding color and form to what is usually transparent to the eye: human and creature trajectories.

As a human our lifetime trails are chosen for a combination of reasons, mainly survival and routine driven, but also for personal freedoms, be it laziness or sheer determination and all actions in between. For animals in the wild the path choices are mainly instinctual and for survival. Planets and comets aside this time, I'm interested in mapping out the variety of movement tracks that living creatures take over a given amount of time, a day, month or lifetime, but also the spaces that exist between the paths that are taken. Visually this would look like the negative space.  Recently I've discovered these spaces in between are GOLDEN celestial opportunities. They are individual gifts waiting to be unwrapped, often motion blurred by the hectic busy lives we all lead in order to survive, and like artist grants are often untapped. For humans, these spaces or moments that exist are for us to take when we choose, and are often where the most authentic connections and pleasures reside, and they are FREE!

Of course this is nothing new to many, but for myself for most of my life I thought working hard and long hours was the only path to success and happiness, and I was wrong. Once I was introduced to meditation and started to practice daily, and I changed my eating and consuming habits, I was able to slow down, step off the track for a while, and smell the roses for the first time in ages. Now my life trajectory looks much different.

I want to tap in to these daily oases by exploring how the work trajectories, and spaces (time) in between, can co-exist together to create harmony in our lives. Also how can we step out of our survival and routine trajectory that we have created for ourselves, and harness more of the human (and animal) connection and self love waiting for us to unearth? Let's step off the track so to speak, and discover what's been waiting for us our whole life. Through research of creature behavior, daily meditation, and painting my findings, I hope to share this captivating project with you.

I would also like to explore the relentless work ethic trajectories of select creatures that interest me, like the worker bee, wolves in the wild vs captivity, and the raccoon in the big city. This is going to be coolI I promise.