How do you like your art? Like the movies you choose to watch?

Studio Vibes on Friday. Taking photos of artwork helps me see/feel what needs to be changed, added or taken out. This week it will be about simplifying some of my current paintings so the eye has a place to rest on them. With too much going on in a piece I feel like I am creating anxiety for the viewer instead of my goal which is to create a sanctuary of solitude. I paint similarly to how I pick movies to watch.....

Movies have to either make me laugh, be inspiring, joyful, invoke deep thought on a subject, or teach me something. I skip violence in all forms. Period. Call me a big baby if you like, I can take it. I'm ultra sensitive to even pretend violence, and it affects my mood for days afterwards. My mind creates scenarios where acts of violence are happening to people I love, and the visuals are very real and haunting. That's no fun. Even academy award winning intense dramas are questionable whether I'll commit for 120 minutes Why? Because they cause temporary anxiety and stress. So does the news, and that's real stuff. So why would I want to choose movies, that are often watched in coveted spare time, that introduce more stress and anxiety in to my life, when I can read a news story about the real thing? I still need to stay informed, but movies for me should be relaxing,feel good time.

How this relates to what I choose to paint is based on this same idea. I want whoever ends up with my artwork, in their home or workspace, to feel elated, blissful and in a state of solitude when they look at their painting. I want them to feel AT HOME when they look at it, and create their own connection and individual story. My art needs to be a form of escapism, and sometimes even pure fantasy, if that's what floats your boat. 



I'm still figuring out how I can best serve and help mankind through my work, but I;m starting with just trying to make someone feel alive and blissful when they look at a painting I've created for them or one they purchased, after something resonated with them.


A closeup of the layered texturing of mixed media items that end up my painting.

A closeup of the layered texturing of mixed media items that end up my painting.