Angella King is an artist residing and creating in Vancouver, Canada. Currently using mixed media and acrylics to create abstract expressionist paintings that flow from an intuitive place of border-less meditative visions. She is motivated by artificial intelligence and journeys in to the human psyche, as well as the possibility of machine awareness. Her work also looks at exploring internal head space: landscapes, underwater, galactic visions. Her paintings are meant to induce bliss and solitude for the eyes and brain; escapism from external stress factors and the constant negativity of the news media that surrounds us. Her acrylic & mixed media work began when she attended Emily Carr University at night while she was working full time as a film animator in the day. Abstract art and meditation have since become driving forces in her life that she pursues alongside her children's illustration art print business Pickle Punch, as well as looking after her beautiful young son. Besides abstract acrylic painting she also worked for many years in traditional & 3D computer animation and effects, digital texture and environment painting, woodblock printmaking, giclee printmaking & illustration, and pencil & conte life drawing. These art forms have taken her to London England and back, where she was fortunate to work as a creature animator on BBC CG documentaries and feature films, including Harry Potter, The Thunderbirds, and Troy.

Recently Angella has also taken up portrait painting commissions for people who connect deeply with animals, and who have a family relationship with a furry, feathered or scaly being. She appreciates painting pets and wild creatures for their open vulnerability, unconditional love, and ability to stay centered in the moment. "Their eyes tell such a revealing story that I hope to capture in every portrait".