Destiny - It doesn't love you or hate you SERIES

Destiniy -24x24x1-canvas-AI Series.JPG
Destiniy -24x24x1-canvas-AI Series.JPG

Destiny - It doesn't love you or hate you SERIES


Title: Destiny

- Dimensions: 24” x 24” x 2”

- Medium: Mixed Media and Acrylic on canvas

- Price: $1200 CAD

My current work is based on the uncertainty and development surrounding AGI (artificial general intelligence), and the possibility of ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) following shortly thereafter AGI’s creation, and what that could mean for humanity, Earth, the creatures that inhabit it, and eventually our Solar system and beyond.

This AI body of work is made up of my emotional response to reading, researching, and listening to podcasts on the topic, taking notes, and then reacting by way of Intuitive color choices and mark making, on to the surface.

- Comes ready to hang
- Signed in the bottom right corner

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